Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Summer Internship at the Dream Community

Summer Internship at the Dream Commnity in Taipei Taiwan

The Dream Community in Taipei, Taiwan is proud to announce the opening of its Summer 2014 Design Internship.  The Dream House Design Internship is an 8 week program, taking place from June 7th to August 2nd.  Only 8 students will be accepted.  Artists can apply as individuals or as a group but each individual must submit the following:

*portfolio consisting of 10 images or one video
*one paragraph explaining why you are interested in coming to the Dream             Community and what you hope to accomplish
*one paragraph project proposal

Who is invited to apply:
*Design students
*Emerging visual artists

What we provide:
room and board
small living stipend ($50/wk)
full access to glass studio, clay kiln, metal studio and wood shop
artist mentorship

What to expect from the experience:
exposure to Taiwanese culture
collaboration with artists in your field
being a part of a large scale building project
experimentation and team support

The Dream Community has temporarily opened up an unfinished set of high rise of luxury apartments to be an "artists' playground", a place for artists to implement uncustomary and unusual home design ideas. 

The Dream House Design Internship is an opportunity to challenge your skills to fabricate lighting, mosaic and mural designs in a real world context.  We are looking for gifted designers who are interested in pushing the boundaries of normalcy.  Our program seeks to create two apartments decorated with mosaic, mural, lighting fixtures and hardware which are wild, experimental, repurposed and completely new. 

For more information visit:


Send finished applications to: claudio0323@gmail.com

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